Our history, projects, values and team

Who are we and what is our mission?

From the small family run hotel in highland area of northern Germany (Harz) to a business with an aim to become the preferred hotel management company is a long ride.

But yes, it is worth every single mile on the road.

After the first years in a management position I have decided in 2003 to embark with my own one-man-company by assisting VIP clients in supporting all relevant aspects within their travel management needs. After many highly satisfied clients I have been reached out by the owner of the first five-star-hotel in Turkey to provide professional consulting services.

With a great result of our work the journey took a more professional approach and after renaming our company we started to be become visible for other clients as well. Our “start-up-by coincidence” spirit remains in all levels of our company and with a professional team we work on solutions-based approach and consider cross-cultural differences in regions we do business. Many successful and completed projects and awards during our journey will mark as milestones our way.

Over the last years we have also specialized in the fields of digitalization and transformation – assisting our clients to optimize and streamline processes by saving costs and increasing productivity.

Great partners along our way shows the reliability & trustworthiness of k2c services and the team behind the brand.

Our journey continues

Why choose us?

Our expertise!

We have years of expertise in operating, fixing, and improving hotels of all types, sizes, and brands.

We guarantee success!

K2C Hospitality delivers a tailored, consulting approach with coherent and innovative solutions that guarantee the stability and growth of your hotel.

We deliver!

We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to achieve long-term profitability and growth.

Years of experience
in hospitality

With decades of hotel management experience, we meticulously assess each property’s existing situation and competitive position in order to devise and implement a strategy for unparalleled success. Our goal is to increase revenue to the top line and increase market share for your hotel. Every day and week that we manage your property, we focus on enhancing your sales and revenue creation by using best practice tactics.

 We’ve built solid working partnerships with franchisors and make full use of their training, marketing, sales, and revenue-generating activities. For any hotel to be successful, each of these variables must operate in unison, and this is where K2C’s operational knowledge comes in useful for you, the hotel owner.


Our team of experts

In the ever-changing hospitality market, the K2C hospitality team is one of a kind. On average, the executives have been working together as a management team for nearly 20 years. Over 30 hotels in nearly 10 states have worked with K2C hospitality.

Kayhan Kilit

Kayhan Kilit

Founder & Managing Partner

As a founding shareholder, Kayhan directs the fortunes of the company. his focus is on business development & strategic goals and high-level organizational tasks.

Karsten Kenneweg

Karsten Kenneweg

Director Of Operations

As partner operations, Karsten has outstanding experience in the area of operations and openings as well as conversion & renovations projects

Patricia Holler

Patricia Holler

Partner Interior Designer

Our head of interior design with her outstanding expertise and reputation has led hotel projects from 3 to 5+ and being the former head of the interior design team of Marriott International supports our growth.

Armin Scholz

Armin Scholz

Director Technical Services

Heading the technical department assists our partners in all technical relevant areas. his broad and deep knowledge guarantees a reliable source and makes sure to have a solution for any technical challenge.

Tolgahan Kilit

Tolgahan Kilit

Business Development Manager

Tolgahan is excellent asset in identifying new business opportunities in order to generate revenue, improve profitability and help the business grow.

Elif Ünal Türe

Elif Ünal Türe

Recruitment Specialist

Elif is finding the best employees for our company. She evaluates candidates and their resumes, conducts interviews, and builds a network of potential employees.

These are our values

We are adaptable. We respond well to new situations and preserve our efficacy in ever-changing environments. We approach our work with an open mind so that we can fine-tune our strategy in every circumstance. We work with a no-limits mindset as visionaries and risk-takers. We’re always on the lookout for more. We are tenacious and resolute. We believe in giving it our all. We know how to get to our goals. 

Make the best decision for your hotel – contact us!

We look forward to demonstrating to you how your hotel may achieve long-term success!